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Lime Mousse

This lime mousse was the highlight of the summer vacation when my University friends came to Lagos. This is the type of dessert for those that don’t like things that sweet and that will never give up limes for lemons. It is perfect to serve with a good cake slice and it goes particularly well coconut or chocolate cakes.


  • 200ml of fresh cream (1 pack)
  • 370 g of condensed milk (1 small can)
  • 15 cl of lime juice ( corresponds to more or less 5 limes)


Beat the pack of cream until it achieves a more solid consistency. Add the condensed milk and the lime juice to the cream. Gently envolve all the ingredients and refrigerate it for at least 2 hours before serving.

To friends and to great summer vacations! And thanks for the recipe Filipa



  1. Eu tambem nao fui. :p O que significa que vais ter que fazer outra este fim de semana. E dps levas para Lisboa para a dada tbm provar.

    Adeus Verao- ola Alemanha= Neve! *

  2. O comentário já vem um bocadinho atrasado mas o que conta a intenção =P

    Graaaaaande mousse de lima e graaaaande chiffon =) Uns diazinhos a mais por lá e vinha a rebolar pela A2… -.- LOL

    Mas para o ano repete-se 😉 ***

    (Continua-me a dar ideias para engordar que eu adoro este blog O=) LOL )

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