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New city, new blog


It has been roughly 7 months since I moved from Lisbon to Rome. By the time I got here, I must admit that my food blog had already been neglected for a while and was in real need for frequent updates. It took me 7 months, but I can no longer ignore the fact that I’m in Italy and I have so much to learn, discover and share about food here.

The food culture here (together with people being so open and nice) was one of the first things that made me feel like I would actually fit here, things that in reality are not so different from Portugal. By food culture I mean:

1. All Italians love food and to eat;

2. An average Italian has quite a good knowledge about their food and cuisine (more than the average Portuguese);

3. If you are having a meal with Italians, at least for 50% of that time you will be talking about food while you eat.

I really can appreciate this in Italy, it explains a lot about how this cuisine grown until the point of being eaten and recognised a bit all around the world.

It is something that gives me a feeling that I’m (close to) home. So I’ll will write to it…



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