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Urbana 47 (Roma, Monti)

Rome is a very particular city in terms of restoration, the fact that it is a big touristic capital in a country like Italy could lead you to think that you can find a great place to eat at any street corner. This is not the case here…Rome restoration can be a big tourist trap that can also affect some newbies in town. I know what I’m talking about, since I had some food disapointments around town (but that’s a story for another day), so for that reason I was really happy to find this place. Really, I was missing this concept of cosy and sofisticated decoration in restaurants serving real honest, home-made like food, that my dear city of Lisbon had habituated me so.

When I went to this restaurant with some friends (one of them was already a fan of the place) I could see right away that this one stood out from the tipical Roman trattoria. This place is part of the Km 0 movement, which means that their using locally produced ingredients from Lazio region,  and also the menu is changing with the seasons, since each month a different “star” ingredient is proposed to the visitors in some of the dishes.


The food is really well prepared, the dishes are usually creative takes on the more well known and tradicional Italian dishes. It is difficult to recommend the best dishes of the house since they are changing from time to time, I can only say that the beans and black leaf kale soup,the stuffed chicken with chicory salad and the apple and cinnamon strudel are a good way to go.

Please do consider that the portion size of the plates is not so big, and if you are one that eats well you will probably have to order starter, maybe a first (“primo piato”),second dish (“secondo piato”) and of course, the dessert. Let me tell you that the dessert you will probably not want to skip!

The final price of a standard meal will probably vary between 25-35 euros, which is the regular price for a good meal in a normal restaurant in Rome.



This is really the kind of place that I recommend you to go if you want to dine in a relaxed, cosy and sofisticated environment, with well prepared food and new ingredient combinations. But please, do keep in mind that this definately wouldn’t be the place for you to go if you’re in those “eat like a lion” days. Anyway, this is one of my favorite restaurants at the moment in Rome.

As the name says, the restaurant is located in Via Urbana nº47 in Monti area (close to Cavour metro station). Enjoy!




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