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Via Catania Market

Markets are lovely on a Saturday morning!

When I was living in Lisbon I developed this habit of starting the Saturday with a trip to the market. Markets are buzzing with life, specially on the weekend, when everyone is rushing to get the best supplies for the week to come. For sure markets can be stressful for some, with all the people bumping at each other and the confusion, but for me there is something soothing about them ( maybe the old reminiscences of the many times my grandmother would take me with her to the market when I was still a child).

Markets are so much more than a place where you can get your groceries, they are the best way for you to get to know a culture (national or local). When visiting a city for the first time, there is nothing like a trip to a local market for you to have a sample of local food/people/culture.

So, I decided that in Rome I would keep my market habits at weekends and I will write about them.

Via Catania Market it is a good market to start with, since it is the market where I regularly shop. As the name says, this market is located in via Catania ( close to Piazza Bologna). It is a closed market, with an arquitecture that was typical from Fascist times. In this market you can find stands selling the seasonal vegetables, the fresh pasta, bread, fish, meat and typical cheeses. I would recommend this market for shopping the typical Italian, regional and farmer’s products. There is almost a market for any need and taste, each selling different products and with their own particularities.  But Rome is full of markets (for the joy of many!), you only have to search the best closest to you.

Via Catania Market

Via Catania Market

Vegetables stand

Vegetables stand

Fish stand

Fish stand


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