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New Testaccio market


New testaccio market is a very unique market located close to via Galvani, and as the name suggests it is located in Testaccio area (the name of the area derives from the previous Monte Testaccio, which was an artificial mound in Rome composed almost entirely of testae, fragments of broken amphorae that remained from the Roman Empire time).

This is a very bright and modern kind of covered market, not like most traditional markets in Rome (but that is not necessarily bad). It represents a turn in the market history of Rome, which is showing a more renovated and playful side of the food scene than, apparently, it’s old predecessor. In few words, it is a market that is clearly following the renovated and younger spirit of the neighbourhood. We can say that new testaccio market is an all-in-one kind of market. In here, you can shop for clothes, shoes, domestic products, home decoration, vegetables, fish, meat, bread, pastries and even kitchen articles.

Located in the center of the market, there is a seating area where you can relax a bit, drink your morning coffee, eat something you bought in one of the stands, or simply observe some shopping action.

But from so many stands, there is one that I have to highlight. If you are in love with kitchenware, like I am, you must stop at this stand that is called ” Lo Spaccio di Testaccio” (don’t look for the name, just go and you will see that you will find it in no time). This stand is a beautiful cubic space full of lovely kitchen and cooking accessories, that can range from the simple strings to cook meat to beautiful plates. You can count on Emanuela, which is the very owner of the place, to receive and help you with a warm smile on her face.


The market is also very close to MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum), which I definitely reccomend for a visit. This museum was a former slaughterhouse (“Mattatoio”) transformed in a very interesting architecture project, even if your not willing to pay the ticket for the exibition, at least get in and have a look to the space outside, it is well worth.



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  1. Beautiful! It makes me think about all these little tresures that I missed while visiting Rome. I hope I’ll come back an visit Emanuela’s stand cause it’s just lovely ❤

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