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The Best Gelato in Rome (2014)

Neve di Latte

Neve di Latte

One can go through so many articles just to find the best gelaterias in Rome and every one of those articles has got it’s own particular favourite list. They are all very useful, but you have to get out, eat and decide for yourself, because the bottom line is, each person will always have it’s own preference, no doubt about it. You have so many gelaterias in Rome, that it can be a challenge to rank them. You know that some flavours are better in a particular gelateria, but that same gelateria is missing a thing that another gelateria has got. Then to help in all this, you have the location, each neighbourhood has it’s own best gelaterias. But I’ve been living for 1 year in this city and also eating a considerable amount of gelato, so now I consider myself in a good position of making a decent list (even though I haven’t tried all the places that I wanted yet..!).

I will carry on with my gelato research…because you can’t never eat too much gelato if you are a real fan. As my mother told me, there was a period when I was a little child, that I was even eating milk ice creams as main meals, after refusing to eat any kind of normal meal (even doctor said that it was better the milk ice cream than nothing). So if gelato served me well until now, it will keep doing so, just not as main meal these days.

This is my 2014 list of personal favourite gelaterias in Rome, ordered by neighbourhoods:


  • Neve di latte– Located in via Luigi Poletti 6, behind the MAXXI museum, Neve di Latte is a gelateria that is using fairtrade ingredients and organic fruits.  You can easily pass by without noticing it, if it’s not the case that is with a small crowd outside. The flavours you can’t miss are Pistacchio and chocolate.

Historic Center

  • Gelateria del Teatro-If you are heading torwards Castel Sant’Angelo from the center or the other way around, you should make a quick stop at Via del San Simone 70. It is another favourite from Rome this gelateria, here I specially like the fruit flavours. After ordering, you can decide to keep your stroll around the center or sit in the tables located in the small alley outside.
  • Giolliti– This is, probably, the most touristic and visited gelateria in Rome, it comes in every single guide of the city. But wait…it is also a place with a history, Giolliti is selling gelato in Rome since 1890 and they were also serving it to the Italian royalty. It is conveniently located in via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, just some steps away from the Pantheon, that is also one of the reasons because it is always full of tourists. Tourists apart, the truth is that the gelato here is always good, with so much variety of flavours that you can’t go wrong.
  • Frigidarium-Frigidarium is a low profile little gelateria located in Via del Governo Vecchio 112. This gelateria is just a some steps away from Piazza Navona and you shouldn’t skip a gelato break in this place, try the fruit flavours (seasonal fruits).


  • La Romana– In my opinion this is the BEST gelato in town. Located at Via Venti Settembre 60 (Castro Pretorio) and at Via Ostiense 48 (Ostiense), La Romana has great and rich gelato flavours at a very decent price. You start by choosing if you want a bit of melted chocolate (gianduia or white chocolate) in the bottom of your cone (please do ask for the cone for this particular reason!), you choose the flavours that you prefer and then you choose the whipped cream (panna) flavour that you would like on top. The flavours that they offer are not as “pure” as you might get in other places, they usually mix chocolate, coffee, biscuits and nuts to make the flavours a bit more worked than normal. Either you love this fact or you hate it..in my case, I absolutely love it. Every flavour that I tried there was good, but my preferences go to Biscotto de la Nonna, Croccante de la Nonna and Pesto di Pistacchio.
  • Il gelato di Claudio Torce– This gelateria, located at Viale Aventino 59, has a great choice of flavours and you can find very particular types of flavours that you will not find on the average gelateria, like sesame or brie with red fruits.

Castro Pretorio

  • La Romana
  • I Caruso– Located close to piazza Fiume, in Via Collina 13, Caruso is a trully good artisanal gelateria. Usually you can watch them produce the gelato when you are there, because they have only a glass separating you from the kitchen. I really like this gelateria because the flavours are changing a lot according to the seasons, like this you only get the best ingredients. They can serve you the gelato topped with different flavour whipped cream (panna), like zabaione, and with a great thin and crunchy waffle. My favourite flavour here is Pistacchio, this is probably the best place for me to eat this flavour.


  • Salaria– This is a very small place located at via Salaria 260 that is selling a very good author gelato (even if I’m not sure what that means). You can find several fruit flavours that are not with milk, but I would reccomend you to try the following flavours: Mascarpone, pere i noci, the Gianduione ( Nutella like flavour) and the Pistacchio.


  • Gelateria dei Gracchi– This gelateria is located in via dei Gracchi 272 and in viale Regina Margherita 212. If you are walking close to the Vatican and need a refreshment I reccomend a break to try Gracchi gelato. They only use fresh ingredients to create a pretty decent gelato, that by the way, made an appearence in Anthony Bourdain  show “The Layover” in Rome. The recommended flavours are Pistacchio, Rice and Honey and Chocolate.

San Giovanni

  • RivaReno– Located on the other side of the road from the giant department store Coin, at via Magna Grecia 25, RivaReno is a highlight in the food scene of one of Romans favourite neighbourhoods. Gianduia and Pistacchio flavours are really good here and don’t forget to ask for a drizzle of chocolate on top.


  • Gelateria dei Gracchi
Gelato at La Romana

Gelato at La Romana




  1. When I first read your tips to spot a good gelataria I thought to myself “oh been fooled” and yes… I eat with my eyes so bright colours always get my attention, not those earthy colours that you talked about. When I think of gelato I never imagine it as a healthy snac, but if you make the right choice it can be less harmful right? So the other day, with your tips in mind, I went to a gelataria here in Birmingham, UK and chose raspberry and passionfruit… Not bad but nothing compared to what you post here in your blog… And yeah, bright colours again. And then I was driven to the moment where I had an amazing gelato in Rome. I went to one of your favorites gelatarias in the historic center – Giolliti. Even though it’s one of the most turistic ones it was where I had the best gelato yet. I chose stracciatella and melon with whipped cream on top… Oh my god that was some gelato! So with my best friend living in Rome and being a food blog writer I just hope to go visit you soon soon and explore Rome with a different perspective and make the most of it foodwise! 🙂 In the meantime…we will keep meeting each other in Lagos, Lisbon, London, whatever… and having great homemade meals!!!

  2. Marmita says

    Olá, grande dicas me deste tu, ainda bem que falamos. Já fui ao trattoria de lá teo e amei! As pizzas do remo a mesma coisa, são divinais e os gelados!!! Fiquei com uma vontade enorme de comprar o acessório para fazer gelados da kitchenaid!! Mais uma vez obrigada pelas dicas

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