About Me

IMG_2666My name is Ana. I was born and raised in the southern seaside city of Lagos, in Portugal. I moved to Lisbon to get my academic degree and I remained working there afterwards. I lived for 8 years in the city and I completely fell in love with it, there is just something engaging about its light and soul. I currently live in the city of Rome, where I work as a Human Factors consultant and also am finishing my PhD degree.

I only realised my love for food quite late. It was not only until I was finishing my bachelor degree that I got tired of “university” way of eating and I started experimenting in the kitchen and developing my cooking skills. My biggest influence and inspiration in the kitchen were both my late grandmother and my mother, which always enjoyed cooking (and actually did and do it very well). I regret to have realised this interest so late, when my grandmother was no longer here to share her culinary wisdom with me. Still, I have quite some vivid memories from her kitchen and her old recipe book.

As for most people, my childhood food memories play an important role and drive my current love for food. I truly believe that food is a really important cultural element and it is something that really brings people together, being such a constant and important element in our lives.

I enjoy knowing more about my cultural food heritage as I enjoy knowing more about other food cultures. Food plays a central role when people travel, because it can tell us so much more about the place we are in. It speaks to us, if we are sensible and willing to understand it.

That is why I love so much food, because it is not just about eating, it is Culture.
This food blog is the end result of my interest in photography, food culture and cooking combined. It started simply as personal recipe journal where I could also share it with friends. The blog main focus is on food experiences and recipes between in Italy and in Portugal, but it occasionally refers to places I might happen to travel.

The main inspiration on this food blog is the Atlantic and Mediterranean way of eating, which is the one I am more familiar with and love so much.

Amendoeira em Flor means Blossoming Almond Tree. Algarve region is known for its almond trees that between February and March blossom and cover the fields with their beautiful flowers. The name is also related to my favourite Algarve tale. A Moorish tale that tells us about a northern European princess (Gilda) married to a young Moorish king that ruled and lived in Al-Gharb (Algarve), and how she was saved from a death by melancholia. Gilda was so sad, being away from the woods and the snow, that her king ordered the plantation of almond trees in this kingdom. Each spring, the almond trees would blossom, covering the fields in white. This beautiful sight would fill Gilda with joy, reminding her about the snowy sceneries from her home country.



    • Obrigada catarina! =) é sempre motivador ter feedbacks positivos! já vi que também tens um belo blog.. e ideias para cozinhar nao te faltam. Afinal o que é que se pode esperar de uma designer na cozinha..=P *

  1. É verdade! Comecei a meter as mãos na massa recentemente e tenho postado os meus resultados para encher o olho:PP eheheh uma designer na cozinha tem muito que se lhe diga, pode ser que de repente descubra algo que ligue os 2:)
    passa por lá quando quiseres;)**

  2. Cristiano Teixeira says

    Bom dia, desde já muitos parabéns pelo seu blog.
    Vinha também neste comentário pedir a autorização de utilização da foto do Arroz Doce para um concurso de Sobremesas no Concelho de Mealhada.

  3. What a beautiful story of the Northern princess! Greetings from your friend in Finland – waiting for the snowy season 🙂

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