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Simple Tomato and Avocado Salad

It is getting warmer and sometimes you only crave for a quick, easy and light lunch. This is it. The recipe is so simple that is pretty much in the photo itself, but I will write it down anyway. Ingredients: (serves 2) 10-15 plum or cherry tomatoes (used plum for this recipe) 1 avocado 1/2 small red onion basil leaves 2 tablespoons of olive oil Preparation: Cut the tomatoes and the avocado in small pieces. Slice  1/2 of a small red onion thinly and add it to the salad. Drizzle everything with a bit of olive oil and toss it. Finish with some basil leaves (coriander leaves or oregano can be an alternative to the basil). Advertisements

Orange and watercress salad

When I used to go visit my grandparents, we often used to go eating outside in this pretty good traditional restaurant called Luar da Fóia. Their home town is a very particular mountainous part of the Algarve, Monchique. This village, to be more precise, is home of really good quality producers, they produce meat and other meat derived products ( including  prosciutto or different types of sausages), honey and the good aguardente I already mentioned many times ( this Portuguese kind of grappa).  In that particular restaurant, I always had this salad as a side dish with a very tender local pig cut called Secretos, barbecued, with some Migas to go with it. Eventually, since everyone loved it, the salad started being a classic in my family table. As lately a good part of my thoughts have been back home, I decided to share this one recipe with you. It is a very simple kind of salad that is great served with grilled or braised red meat (pork, veal or even lamb).  It is a really refreshing and balances perfectly …

Algarve summer salad

  If you go to any restaurant in Algarve and ask for a “salada algarvia”, that means Algarve salad in portuguese, you will get a salad that is pretty much like this one. This salad is perfect for the summer because it is really fresh and it pairs really well with any kind of grilled fish, which is the most noble protein you can eat in this region of Portugal. Ít is usually served as a garnish along side with a potato salad or boiled potatoes simply dressed with olive oil. Ingredients: 1 big cucumber 4 small/medium heirloom tomatoes 1/2 medium white onion 1/2 garlic clove dried origano Black pepper Salt 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar 3 tablespoons of Extra virgin Olive ( serves 2) Preparation: With a vegetable peeler remove part of the cucumber skin ( usually I don’t remove it all, I leave the skin striped). Cut the cucumber in half and with a help of a spoon remove the seeds in the middle (the seeds are hard to digest so it is better …